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Things to Do in Perak


Sam Poh Tong
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Located in Gunung Rapat, about three miles (five kilometers) south of Ipoh, Sam Poh Tong is thought to be the largest cave temple in Malaysia. Local lore tells of a Chinese monk who was passingthrough Ipoh in 1890 when he discovered the cave and decided to stop and meditate there. According to the legend, he remained in the cave for 20 years until his death.

The temple structure in its current form dates back to the 1950s, and to this day, it remains a place where Buddhist monks and nuns come to meditate. A series of 246 steps lead you up to themouth of the open cave, with its small reclining Buddha statue inside. Just outside the temple, you’ll find a Japanese koi pond where local devotees of the Buddha come to release turtles, as they’re thought to be a symbol of longevity.

The ornamental garden outside the front of the temple are worth walking through, and they offerbeautiful views of Ipoh below.

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Taiping Zoo

Home to over 1,200 different animals, including tigers, elephants, orangutans, and hornbills, Taiping Zoo spreads over 36 acres (15 hectares of well-kept grounds in Perak’s second city, Taiping. After dark, it hosts a night safari, the first of its kind in Malaysia, where guests observe animals’ nocturnal behavior on foot or from a tram.

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Perak Museum (Muzium Perak)
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Founded in 1883, the Perak Museum (Muzium Perak) is the oldest museum in Malaysia and is housed in an art deco colonial building opposite Taiping Jail. A quick visit here will give you an insight into the history of the area, including its people, culture, art, and natural environment. History enthusiasts will enjoy learning about the history of Perak, but there are a whole range of items that should hold everybody’s interest, including children. Old radios, bicycles, and traditional clay works sit among the collection, plus there are various stuffed animals and a huge elephant’s skeleton for those interested in zoology. The museum is divided into four main areas: the Nature Gallery, Cultural Gallery, Indigenous People Gallery, and the Temporary Gallery, where exhibits are rotated throughout the year.

In addition, there are outdoor exhibits featuring a number of vintage cars, a 1930s Bedford truck, a carriage from a Perak State Railway Company train, and a Malaysian airforce jet fighter.

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The Banjaran Hotsprings Retreat

The Banjaran Hotsprings Retreat in Ipoh claims to be Malaysia’s first luxury natural hot springs center. Offering a wide range of wellness facilities and relaxation treatments, The Banjaran’s real star quality is the beautiful natural landscape in which it’s situated. The retreat is characterized by dramatic limestone rocks, gushing waterfalls, geothermal hot springs, and natural caves, plus it’s surrounded by lush rainforest-carpeted hills.

Ideal for both a romantic retreat for couples (they even do weddings) as well as solo travelers, The Banjaran offer Garden Villas and Water Villas to choose from for sleeping, plus a wide range of treatments and relaxing features to help you unwind. At its center is a huge geothermic lake, flanked by a cascading waterfall on one side and natural caves on the other. The shimmering mist of vapor above the lake and the dramatic limestone hill in the background combine to create a natural setting that - like the rest of the resort - is as beautiful as it is enchanting.

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Movie Animation Park Studios (MAPS)

Hang out with popular Malaysian animation characters like BoBoiBoy and The Adventurers at Movie Animation Parks Studio. Located in Ipoh in Perak, it’s the first fully animation-based theme park in Asia, and features more than 15 rides, attractions, and live performances across five thematic zones.

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